Meet the future with agility

Agile Strategies is a boutique OKR consultancy based in Boulder, Colorado. We help you build strategic agility using OKRs to link strategy, culture, and measurable performance.

Our Purpose

We created Agile Strategies to help leaders achieve their vision with agility. We help you build a culture with the capacity to sense and respond to disruption and opportunity — while continuously generating new value for your customers.

Core Team

Daniel Montgomery

Founder & Managing Director

Michael Hodgett

Senior Strategy and OKR Advisor

Collaborators and Thought Partners

Devon Brown


Dan Henderson


Vicky Morgan


Patricia Shull


Our Vision

We’re here to help organizations clarify their goals and build strategic alignment, so they can generate measurable value and impact.

Our Principles


Be rigorous

Defining and implementing coherent strategy takes persistence and a willingness to challenge assumptions. Our discipline is to stay focused on what is measurable and actionable. 


Walk the agile talk

We don’t just teach strategic agility. We live it. We stay open to change and practice the art of the possible. We reflect, learn, and iterate. 


Welcome diverse perspectives

We lead with inquiry and foster equity in conversation. We believe in the power of top-down, bottom-up, outside-in thinking.


Hold a beginner’s mind

When we hold the mind of a beginner, we’re free to challenge our own ‘expert’ opinions and embrace ‘dumb’ questions. True innovation emerges when we break our own mold and imagine different possibilities.

Ready to accelerate with OKRs?

We team up with organizations who want strategic focus and dynamic execution.

Agile Strategies is a boutique OKR consultancy based in Boulder, Colorado. We’ve researched, tested, and integrated the best strategy management tools to help you build and sustain an agile business. We help leaders become more agile so they can stay focused achieving their vision.

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