OKR Training and Consulting

OKRs are a paradigm shift, not a band-aid fix. That’s why our expert coaches help you make OKRs part of your DNA with rigorous, fast-paced, experiential learning.

Meet complexity with simplicity

OKRs are the engine of strategic agility. Born in Silicon Valley firms like Intel and Google, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a simple, flexible approach to strategy execution. We train and coach you to clarify your aspirations into a Minimum Viable Strategy™ and translate that into inspiring objectives and quantitative results that guide action.

OKR Coaching Services

We deliver a suite of proven OKR coaching packages designed to meet your needs at every stage of the game.

OKR Intro

Perfect for teams who want to level-set on OKR basics and decide how to move forward. Includes team training, along with options for initial OKR development, planning pace and scale of implementation, and ad hoc coaching.

OKR Recharge

For organizations that have made a start with OKRs but have not met expectations. Includes diagnostics, recommended areas for improvement, and deployment of services that may include strategy clarification, OKR writing, setting management cadence, internal supports, or coaching on cultural factors.

OKR Evolution

Mature businesses may have made a good start with OKRs, but need help extending the use of OKRs into new levels or business units. May include other services such as development of OKR-compatible performance management systems or OKR software selection.

OKR Scale-up

Rapidly growing early stage companies have the opportunity to embed the OKR paradigm into their DNA from the get-go. Services can include integrating OKRs into strategic goals, supporting customer-facing value streams, scaling OKR tracking systems, and educating internal OKR leaders.

OKR Leadership

Integrate OKR-based goal setting and goal management into your leadership skills, including cultivation of skills for personal agility, strategic thinking, an outcome mindset, and making/managing commitments.

What our clients are saying

“I’ve been in countless strategy sessions, and this was by far the most effective one. The OKRs are the strategy.”

— Chief Financial Officer, Global Manufacturing Company

“I’m already seeing more clarity within our teams. They have better direction and clear milestones.”

— Senior Vice President, Technology Manufacturer

Ready to unleash the potential of your organization?

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Agile Strategies is a boutique OKR consultancy based in Boulder, Colorado. We’ve researched, tested, and integrated the best strategy management tools to help you build and sustain an agile business. We help leaders become more agile so they can stay focused achieving their vision.

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