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The Biggest Obstacles to OKR Implementation

A client recently asked me for a list of “what could go wrong” as his company begins OKR implementation. Here’s what I shared with him: Confusing Outputs with Outcomes This is the #1 toughest lesson to learn, and easier said than done.  An “output” is the completion...

12 Principles of Strategic Agility

At Agile Strategies we apply the lessons of both Agile software development and organizational learning to the whole enterprise, particularly the process of formulating and deploying strategy. Here are the guiding principles we work with: #1: Sense and respond  An...

Strategic Cadence

A few years back I took up cycling, after not having ridden a bike since I was in junior high school.  Boy have things changed! I learned a principle I had never heard of back when I rode my 3-speed Schwinn Tiger to school.  It’s called cadence.   A modern bike is...

Strategic Agility – It’s About Time

One of the key differences between the agile approach to strategy and traditional approaches is that time is treated as a scarce resource.  Yes, business cases consider the so-called “time value of money” via discounted cash flows.  Assuming that the discount rates...

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